Pickering Tree Service has been providing reliable, fast and courteous tree care service in the Durham region for a number of years. We are a professional tree care company specializing in tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning, branch removal and monthly tree maintenance packages. Our philosophy of trees first, ensures that we put the interest of your trees and the improvement of your property as our number one goal. Our trained tree technicians are experienced in providing expert advice on how to tackle any tree challenge, be it a diseased tree, a tree infestation, over hanging branches or a simple tree pruning. We have all the necessary equipment to assist our residential and commercial property owners with a speedy tree removal or remediation service.

Trees are a wonderful addition to a residential and commercial property. They not only add an element of beauty but provide shade, protection from the elements and filter the air around you. Our primary goal when assessing a tree is to see what we can do to save the tree on your property. Most times a damaged tree just requires some extra attention to bring it back to life and restore it to its original beauty. Only in circumstances where a tree poses a hazard to your property and the people we recommend the removal of a tree. A mature tree that has planted its roots for years and its health benefits to the environment often outweigh the decision to remove a tree. However, when a property owner firmly requests the tree removal we comply. Often, we will work with the customer to obtain any necessary city permits and licences to ensure we properly remove a tree.

For clients that are looking to invest in their trees, we offer a comprehensive tree maintenance package to help multiply the leaves on the trees and extend the roots in the ground. We also educate our clients on simple tree care tasks that they can do on a regular basis to help propagate the life of your trees.

Website: https://www.treeservicepickering.com/

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